Design Techniques

Photoshop Screen Resolution

Setting Your Screen Resolution In Photoshop Preferences Correctly There’s a feature in Photoshop called Print Size. It can be found under the View menu. If you invoke this command, PS is supposed to display your file at the actual physical size on your screen. Sounds like a great feature, right? Ok, now for the fine

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Production Art

Production Art – What Is It? When I first put myself out in the market for a graphic designer position, I got emailed by an agency asking if I was interested in being submitted for a production artist role. I certainly liked the sound of it right off, but wasn’t sure how to define it.

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Learn The Big 3!

Learn The Big 3! In the world of graphic design, we refer to Adobe Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop as The Big 3. These are the most used tools of our trade. They are rich with features and take a long time to become fluent in. If you’re new to these apps or looking to expand

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Design Tips

Design Tips One of the things I love about graphic design is sharing new design tips and tricks with other designers and individuals who are learning the ropes. I’ve had the benefit of studying with Adobe Certified Experts, like Deke McClelland, Nigel French and Anne-Marie Concepción. They knew the Adobe software so well and are

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