Design Tips

One of the things I love about graphic design is sharing new design tips and tricks with other designers and individuals who are learning the ropes. I’ve had the benefit of studying with Adobe Certified Experts, like Deke McClelland, Nigel French and Anne-Marie ConcepciĆ³n. They knew the Adobe software so well and are some of the finest teachers I’ve had. Now, with the knowledge they’ve imparted, I can effectively show you how to make the best use out of programs like Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator. You don’t need to pull your hair out – you just need a darn good teacher, darn it! Yes, these apps are packed with lots of tools, filters and many other anomalies that are overwhelming at a glance. In fact, they’re so overwhelming that many folk just glance and go with their tail between their legs. I won’t dumb it down either – there is a lot to grasp! You need big blocks of time to understand what these features do. Too many tutorials don’t go into what’s going on under the hood, so without a clear understanding of what a tool does, how do you know to draw up on it in another scenario? Do you need a jackhammer or a simple flat-tip screwdriver? That’s where it’s paramount to know what does this and what does that. Have patience, you’ve found a worthy instructor in me. I’m patient and I know how to clear up the confusion so you can get you on with mastering these apps within a lifetime.

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