CP Creative Studio Graphic Design Services Include:

Branding - Logos

A brand is a promise that you make to support your products and services. The first introduction to your brand is often the appearance of that promise. As a designer, I can help with the visual construct that compliments your message. Your audience needs to develop a sense of trust and a brand that doesn’t effectively communicate that trust will have no meaning and become just another commodity.

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Page Layout - eBooks, Mags & More

Page layout refers to the arrangement of visual elements within the confines of a brochure, card or other document.

What makes it effective?

Great looking images, choice of fonts and the spacing of these elements all play a vital role in appearance and readability.

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Photo Editor

A picture speaks a thousand words. When that picture doesn’t look good, those thousand words can detract from its intent. Point-and-shoot cameras, for example can either look great, or they can leave a lot to be desired. First, I make an  assessment of the photograph in terms of exposure and how accurate the colors came out. As an expert photo editor, I can take things a step further and remove unwanted artifacts, replace the background, add text, the list goes on. read more


Slideshows have really become a milestone for effective communication. They’re popping in so many places now with the expansion of digital interactivity in our lives. It’s no accident either; they’re great way to deliver information in a pragmatic manner. If it’s designed effectively, it will surely engage your viewer.

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Two key elements that go into a resume are content and appearance. When hiring managers have to go through a stack of resumes, they spend an average of 10 seconds per applicant. That’s not much time to make a good impression, so your best chances of standing out against the competition are to have something professionally designed and well written.

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